RE: Word wrapping messages

2005-04-19 14:18:00
There is no way to distinguish automatic line breaks with intentional line 
breaks. For paragraphs, I just replace double line breaks with a temporary 
character, then replace all the single line breaks with a space, then replace 
all my temporary characters with a paragraph break. After that a little clean 
up is still required, but the bulk of the work is done. The temporary character 
used should not appear anywhere in the document so I use something like a ~ or 
a ` or replace with a string such as ~~~~~.

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Subject: Word wrapping messages

Many email messages are line wrapped after 80 chars.  This is
unneccesary and unwanted in HTML.  Is there any way to undo this? 
(Simply removing the newlines isn't good enough, as we want to keep
paragraphs as well as intentional, midline line breaks).

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