Re: Instructions for users?

2005-06-26 23:18:39
On June 26, 2005 at 19:51, Sandra Parshall wrote:

I moderate an e-mail discussion list that recently moved to a new server, 
using Sympa 5 to handle mail traffic and mhonarc for archiving. The desire 
for easily searchable archives was our reason for the move -- but now our 
members are finding the archives nearly impossible to search by subject, or 
indeed any other way.
BTW, I do *not* have the power or the expertise to make technical
changes in the software; our list is on a hosted server, and
only the administrator at the host company can make changes in the
software. What I want is help for the end users -- the members of our
list who simply need to know how to get into the archives and locate
particular messages.

Have you sent a message to the hosting company specifying your
concerns?  If you are using a 3rd-party mailing list service, then
you should contact them for help.

BTW, mhonarc provides no built-in searching capabilities, so
the hosting company has hooked in whatever searching software
they prefer.  We may be able to provide some help if we knew
which search engine is being used.

But, you should really get help from the hosting company.  If
they are not providing you adequate service, you should consider
going with someone else.


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