Re: symlink side effect

2005-08-23 11:54:46
On August 22, 2005 at 18:03, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

Most messages archived fine, then we hit one that had an attachment
and tried to create a directory to put the attachment in. Well, that
triggered some unusual code in that decided to delete the
symlink, create an empty directory, then mhonarc got confused as to
why all the message pages had disappeared. Everything went downhill
from there.

The symlink check is done to prevent local symlink attacks.

Somebody else recently reported a problem with mhonarc's behavior:
Please post a follow-up to the report providing specifics of your
case.  Also provide any diagnostic messages mhonarc produces
(for symlink stuff, mhonarc should generate a warning or error).

The problem is only if the final pathname component is a symlink.
A work-around is to not have the attachment directory be a symlink.

If I understand your problem correctly, I am guessing that you
have attachments being placed in the same location as the archive
directory.  And the archive directory is actually a symlink?


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