Re: Substitute table by css - query which header-field is processed

2006-08-28 13:59:54
Earl Hood wrote:

A work-around that does not require code modification is to roll
your own header.  See
for how it can be done.

When you roll your own, you know exactly which header field you
are dealing with, and it is more secure since you explicitly control
what is showing up on your pages.

Thanks for the fast response. Great. That also solves my next question
(ADDRESSMODIFYCODE modified things like Message-id-Headers...).

But I have two further questions:

I have added the headerfields I want to display to the
<fieldstore>-ressouce and the headers are displayed.

But (how) can I implement links for example in the "Newsgroups:" and
"References:" Header? (like the autogenerated Headers contains links to
the newsgroups an the referenced previous postings?

something like:

<p>Newsgroups: <a
&nbsp; </p>

works correct for *one* newsgroup, but if the original Header consists
of two or more newsgroups (Newsgroups: newsgroup1,newsgroup2), I get one
link (a href="news://,newsgroup2";) - the
autogenerated header consists of two (correct) links (each to one

And I also have not found out, how I can implement the autolinking in
the references header (like in the autogenerated header).

Is that possible in a self generated Header?

Bye, Wolfgang

P.S. On the links
in the "see also" section are wrong (a missing ".html"-suffix)

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