Re: Multiple HEAD elements breaking messages?

2006-11-14 23:03:20
On November 14, 2006 at 18:08, "Christopher P. Lindsey" wrote:

Unfortunately, this seems to break MHonArc, probably because it only
expects one and uses it to determine X-Body-of-Message et al.

It has nothing to do with X-Body-of-Message.  HEAD is removed
since it would be invalid HTML to keep it as-is when the entity
is included in the MHonArc message page.

This problem has already been reported and has a bug ID of #17563.

I've been reading through the W3C DTD for HTML 4.01 and it's not clear
to me if HTML documents are allowed one HEAD element or more than one:

Only one is allowed, and it if it occurs, it must occur before

If more than one is allowed, it's a bug in MHonArc.  But if it's Yahoo!'s
fault, MHonArc is in the clear and will just work around it.  ;)

It is Yahoo, and it is a mess.  The second HEAD appears after the
BODY containing the real content of the message.

I think it has to do with lazy Yahoo engineers relying on liberal
web browsers.  If web browsers were a little stricter, HTML content
generators would be forced to do things cleaner, and there would
probably be less security risks.

Does anyone know for sure how this should be handled?  I have a patch
included below to correct this

I try to avoid minimal matching since it is inefficient, but it
is one way to get around the problem.


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