Ummatched tag == system crash

2006-12-02 19:10:28
Oh boy, talk about a panic ... I was playing around with some new
formatting on my archives and added a new TNextButtonIA tag ... but I
screwed up the markup and coded it like this :

<TNextButtonIA chop>
Thread Next

When I ran mhonarc to reformat the archive, my system quickly ran out of
memory AND swap ... and subsequently went all pear shaped.  I had to hit
the BRS to fix it.

Once I got the system back up, I tried to reformat the archive again ...
this time watching 'top' to see what was happening ... and I saw the
memory & swap skyrocket.

After looking at the mrc file, I found the unbalanced tag, fixed it ...
and mhonarc worked fine.

I am processing my archives using mha-preview, if that makes any difference.

I would have expected mhonarc to detect the unbalanced tag and grouse
about it.


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