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Re: Search Result Link

2002-12-03 11:37:54
Thanks, got it working...

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On December 3, 2002 at 13:01, "Collins, Leon" wrote:

1. Certify Product Navigation (score: 41)
Author: unknown Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 15:52:37 Certify Product Navigation
Business Intelligence Analytical Applications Business Intelligence Tools
CRM Supplemental Technology Applications Cooperative Applications Data
Warehousing Development To

aeng/Lifecycle/Navigation.html (15,298 bytes)
Can you tell namazu how to build the resulting uri/url

saeng/Lifecycle/Navigation.html)?  Basically I would like this

aeng/Lifecycle/Navigation.html to look like this


Check out the Replace directive in your .namazurc.  This allows you
to replace the physical pathname used when indexing files with a URL

To quickly find out what pathname is stored in the search database,
you can either look at the NMZ.field.uri file, execute a search
on the command-line using the -R option to suppress uri replacement:

  namazu -R <query> <index>

and examine the pathnames provided in the results generated, or
look at the Index directive in the .namazurc which should represent
the physical pathname prefix is.


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