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[Namazu-users-en] Kakasi - Translation Problem

2004-12-08 18:46:02

          I am Sunil, a software engineer working in India. I am working for 
Japanese customers. But unfortunately I don't know Japanese. In one project I 
need to translate japanese text in kanji, katakana or in hiragana to romaji. 
While browsing through internet, I found kakasi as a suitable software for it. 

As per the instruction in one site, I have run the executable of kakasi as 
follows : 

kakasi -s -U -Ja -Ha -Ka <kanji.txt> romaji.txt 

and the kanji.txt contains ??????. 

Its translation in romaji must be nichiyobi. but the text file romaji.txt 
contains the data 

RU SUI??yu??JAKU#129;. 

And for all translation, the romaji.txt contains RU SUI as the first 
characters. Couls you please explain why this hapens ? 

Actually my requirement is to convert kanji characters and kana characters to 
romaji characters. Could you pls say the options that I need to add with 
kakasi.exe for this ? 

Also the compilation of source file generates many errors. Could you please 
explain, what c and header files I need to run kakasi program ?  Also I need to 
tokenize the japanese text. I think kakasi tokenizing the japanese text before 
translation ?  Can you explain how ?

So please help me . 

Thanks in advance,


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