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nmh 0.20 vs mh 6.8.4

1998-01-23 11:08:33
Good day.


  I am new to nmh although not particularly new to mh.

  I use exmh (2.0.1) and mh-e in emacs (20.2.1).

  HP-UX A.09.05 E 9000/755


  Now, on the exmh mailing list there has been a lot of talk
  about how great nmh and I have to admit that it built a lot
  easier than mh ever did.
  Even so, I *did* have to get libgdbm from FSF and install that
  for the nmh build to work as I don't have libdbm.  Not a big
  deal but a stumbling block.

  Regardless, I did get nmh built and installed.  However, when I
  went to mail a message from within emacs I got:

    post: problem initializing server; [RPLY] 553 Local configuration error,\
          hostname not recognized as local

  (I think -- I am not sure of the exact wording).

Is there some setting I can set in nmh to fix this?

Or, is this an issue of configuration confusion since I already
have mh 6.8.4 built and installed?

I would think that this might be a fairly common problem but I
didn't see it in the FAQ so that is why I suspect it might be
something leftover from mh 6.8.4.

Note that re-installing 6.8.4 fixes my problem.

Let me know if there is more info I can provide.

Note that I am not on the nmh-workers list.  If I get nmh working
I will no doubt sign up.  :-)


- Bill

Bill Benedetto     <bbenedetto(_at_)goodyear(_dot_)com>     The Goodyear Tire & 
Rubber Co.
Courage is the willingness of a person to stand up for his beliefs in the face
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