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Re: APOP status?

1998-01-27 11:42:41
Tony(_dot_)Curtis(_at_)vcpc(_dot_)univie(_dot_)ac(_dot_)at writes:

Hi, I've been using nmh (instead of mh-6.8.x) for quite a
while now and I was wondering about APOP.

Are there plans to have it in place soon?  Or to put it
another way, are people working on it?

I think so.  Here is a post on the subject from a few months ago.

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Date:    Thu, 07 Aug 1997 23:09:45 -0400
From:    Richard Coleman <coleman(_at_)math(_dot_)gatech(_dot_)edu>
To:      nmh-workers(_at_)math(_dot_)gatech(_dot_)edu
Subject: Re: RPOP support in nmh? 

Hello nmh workers,

What is the current thinking about supporting RPOP in nmh? Our systems
moved to a central RPOP server setup from spooled maildrops and I had
to continue to use mh-6.8.3 to get RPOP. I was hoping nmh would do it
but it seems from the TODO file in 0.17, it's still being considered.
Please consider this a vote for RPOP. Thanks for all the work on nmh.
It is a no-brainer to configure and even seems to run faster.

My understanding is that RPOP has been withdrawn from the RFC's
covering POP.  Because of this, I was planning on removing the
code for RPOP.  But I was planning on cleaning up the support
for APOP.


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