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Re: [Nmh-workers] things to mention in 1.3 release announcement?

2008-05-28 05:34:32
pmaydell(_at_)chiark(_dot_)greenend(_dot_)org(_dot_)uk wrote:
I was looking back through the ChangeLog to see if there was anything in
1.3 that's particularly worth mentioning in the release announcement. It
looks to me as if it's essentially all bugfixing; but does anybody have
anything they'd like mentioned?

My change to better support different character encodings is definitely
worth mentioning. It now uses iconv to convert headers when doing scan.
There is also some initial support for multi-byte character encodings:
field widths in scan listings account for the actual width of a string
(if the string came from the e-mail as opposed to the format file). The
-width option to scan still does not support multibyte character


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