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Re: [Nmh-workers] relative message numbers?

2012-10-15 21:19:16
Documenting @folder is a little tricky since nmh man pages are written as prose.
rather than bulleted lists explaining each of the options like many other 

My best whack at it would be to:

1) Insert into nmh.1 near:

       Commands which take a message number as an argument ( scan, show, repl,

       Commands which take a range of message numbers ( rmm, scan, show,  ...)
  something like the following:

       Commands which take a folder name (inc, refile, scan, sortm, ...)
       will accept the folder name in two formats: '+folder' and '@folder'.
       '+folder' specifies a folder underneath the Path defined in your nmh
       profile e.g; with the default '''Path: Mail''', '+folder' tells nmh to 
       ''~/Mail/folder''. '@folder' specifies a path relative to the current 
       specified in your ''context'' file e.g; with '''Current-Folder: inbox''',
       and the same profile, '@folder' tells nmh to use ''~/Mail/inbox/folder''.

It might also be worth insertng into the CONTEXT heading of the relevant
commands (inc, refile. scan, sortm, etc.) a blurb along the lines of:

       The current context is used to expand relative folders supplied with
       the prefix @ instead of +, by prepending it to the specified folders.

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