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Re: [Nmh-workers] mh and mairix and numerically named folders

2016-02-25 09:49:53
i don't think the behavior needs to change, although perhaps it
shouldn't have been so easy to create the folder in the first place.
   $ refile +1234
   Create folder "/home/pgf/Mail/1234"? 

Ralph made a similar point; yeah, I'm fine with rejecting those folder
names as invalid in create_folder().  I'm a rcvstore ... hm.  It's designed
to not have any user interaction, but as long as you return with the
right exit code so mail is temporarily rejected I think it would be

in the meantime, any objections if i add this new section to
mh-folders.man, or something like it?
      nmh folders can be given arbitrary names, with one exception: 
      folders should not be given all-numeric names.  This
      limitation results from nmh messages themselves being stored
      in numerically named files -- allowing folders to be named
      similarly would make nmh slower, and introduce usage ambiguities.

That looks fine to me.


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