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Re: Thank you all

2019-12-17 04:59:28
Morm writes:

With Comcast as my Internet Provider, Gmail as my Email server, and nmh as my
Email client, all seems to be well. Thank you so much.

Great!  Your message did indeed originate from a comcast.com address and was 
sent via Gmail:

10:39:49 +00:00:00 from nad.dad.org (c-NN-NN-NN-NN.hsd1.ca.comcast.net. 
                   by smtp.gmail.com 
                   with ESMTPSA id y62sm24356178pfg.45.2019. 
(version10:39:51 +00:00:02 by mail-pj1-x1034.google.com 
                   with SMTP id v93so3137948pjb.6 
                   for <nmh-workers@nongnu.org>

Of course. I will, on request, continue to provide feedback about the
problems of inc core dumping and post hanging.

The problem of inc core dumping has been attributed to a known problem that has 
been fixed.

Is post still hanging for you?  Can you replicate it?  My guess is that with 
proper invocation of send/post, it won't be a problem for you or anyone else.


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