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Re: Problem with mhmail

2019-12-27 11:25:00
David Levine <levinedl@acm.org> writes:
I wrote:

How about this:

    echo hello norm|mhmail -to norm\@dad.org -subject 'Fetch Errors' -snoop \
    -profile -sasl -tls -server smtp.gmail.com

Just adding -profile should be sufficient, because the other additions are
in the send component value of your profile.  So,

echo hello norm|mhmail -to norm\@dad.org -subject 'Fetch Errors' -snoop 

Thank you very much. But I've decided that I am no longer smart enough to
master the intricacies of mhmail.

Instead, I wrote and will use a trivial script, I call "mymail":

set -eu

if test $# -ne 1
  echo >&2 bad arg count
  exit 1

folder=+$(mhparam Draft-folder)
draft=$(mhpath new $folder)
echo "To: norm@dad.org" >> $draft
echo "From: norm@dad.org" >> $draft
echo "Send: x" >> $draft
echo "Subject: $1" >> $draft
echo ______ >> $draft
cat >> $draft

msg=$(basename  $draft)
send $msg

    Norman Shapiro

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