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Re: refile -link -nolink ... # Works fine, my err. Sorry for noise.

2021-07-03 18:57:02

On Sat 7/3/21 18:48 -0400 Ken Hornstein wrote:
I thought the -nolink below would  override the -link:

   $ set -x; refile -link -nolink +fup/c 273 274 275
   + refile -link -nolink +fup/c 273 274 275
   Create folder "/a/jdoe/Mail/-nolink"?

I ... cannot reproduce that.  Specifically:

% refile -link -nolink +personal 4193 4194

Works as expected.  I believe you, but I am not sure what is going wrong.

My apologies. I should not have simplified (and misled you). I had the refile
command wrapped in a bash function, and I'm pretty sure the refile command ran
as I wanted it to.  The STDERR I think, was from a subsequent 'folder' command
intended to position me to show the msg in the final destination folder, but
my args parsing in the script did not deal with the -nolink at all. 


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