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Re: Failing to extract text/html part of message with show

2022-05-17 18:16:37
Hi Greg

First of all, it looks like you using _m_mh not _n_mh. 

[2022-05-17 11:43] Greg Davidson <greg.davidson@gmail.com>
I'm trying to extract part of a multipart message sent to me
by Firefox Mobile in order to save my mobile tabs.  I would
like to extract the text/html part as that is the part which has
the tab titles as well as the urls.  Note: I've indented quoted
I/O with 4 spaces and used ellipses ... to replace some bits.

When I list my message with
    mhlist -file mobile-tabs.eml -part 1
I get
    mhlist: bogus multipart content in message .../mobile-tabs.eml
     msg part  type/subtype              size description
       0       multipart/alternative      11K
         1     text/html                 6861
but when I try to extract it with
    show -file mobile-tabs.eml -part 1

Do you want to store the content on disk or display it? For storing there
is mhstore(1). You can simple use:

    mhstore -file mobile-tabs.eml -part 1

show (mhshow on nmh) is to display the mail.

I get
    show: bogus multipart content in message .../mobile-tabs.eml
    Date:    ...
    From:    ...
    To:      ...
    Subject: Mobile tabs

    show: don't know how to display any of the contents
          (content multipart/alternative in message .../mobile-ta    bs.eml)

Following the mmh documentation I added
    mhshow-suffix-text/html: .html
to my
as suggested by the documentation but it didn't help.  I also tried to
direct it to use cat for such content type, also with no change.

To display text/html parts you need to add a mhshow-show-<type>/<subtype>
entry to your profile. For example to display html rendered with elinks
add somethig like:

    mhshow-show-text/html: elinks -dump

That the fallback to just print the text for text/* mimetypes fail when
selecting the part directly is a known bug in mmh.


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