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Re: mhl linewrapping

2022-05-29 10:11:49

[2022-05-22 12:17] Ralph Corderoy <ralph@inputplus.co.uk>
First of all it depends on the terminalsize, if the size is not given
by the arguments.  This leads to diffrent linewrapping on reply
depending on the size of the terminal.  This could be fixed by going
to some default width when stdout is not a tty.

It would seem right to only use the terminal to set the width when the
output is a TTY.  There is already a default width of 80, mentioned in
mhl(1), if the terminal width can't be found so my initial thought it
that would do.

I'm currently looking at the code and for me it looks like if the size
can't detected it default to 10000. I might have missed something.

Next it only supports hard linewrapping.  Therefor sometimes words and
links get split.  Some support for softwrapping would be nice.  So mhl
could search for the last whitespace befor the selected width.

Are you just talking about the body component or all of them?  Are you
aware of -fmtproc, etc?  Some versions of fmt(1), for example, do
other nice things like trying to avoid the word ‘I’ at the end of
the line.  Other formatters might re-introduce two spaces after the end
of a sentence.

I'm talking about all components. Of course most importend is the
body. I'm aware that you can do powerfull formating with an external
fmtproc. I just think it would be better to have a basic softwrapping in
nmh itself, because nmh should be able to create sane replies without

For the other components there is already a comment in mhl explaining
that putstr should know about atomics of addresses and dates. I would
start with working on this.


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