Re: Problem with printing chinese characters

2001-06-15 07:43:03
Nitin Aurora <Nitin(_dot_)Aurora(_at_)originindia(_dot_)com> writes:

I got your reference from an email/website where you had explained someone
about using UTF8 in perl. 
I am facing a difficulty implementing the following. It would be really
great if you could help me out.

Problem description
I want to send out an email from a perl program. The email contents will be
in traditional Chinese characters.
We have converted chinese text into Unicode.
We have assigned the unicode text to variables in perl program. This
variables we are printing into the mail body.
When we print it prints unicode characters.

How do we solve this problem ?

Maybe I am to tired today but I don't understand your problem. 
As I understand your mail: 
(1) You have some Unicode text (string)
(2) If you print out this Unicode text (string) you get Unicode 

So actually what is the problem? It would be problem if you  get 
anything else than Unicode (UTF-8). Or do you want to convert it 
back to Big-5 or whatever?


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