Re: [PATCH] Supported.pod: cleanup/UTF-16/CJK.inf + an invasion to the Glossary

2002-04-04 21:07:31
Hello, Dan and Jungshik!

Speaking of the patch..

AT> +=item Jungshik Shin's Hangul FAQ
AT> +
AT> +L<>
AT> +
AT> +And especially it's subject 8
AT> +
AT> +L<>
AT> +
AT> +has a comprehensive overview of the C<KS *> (Korean) standards.
AT> +Tha author claims however that the document needs
AT> +some modernisation :-)
I'm sorry, I haven't been to bed too long, so not sure if my
writings are okay.

Jungshik, is this a proper recommendation for
you cite? Drop the line on modernization? (Not the best place
for jokes :-(

AT> +
AT>  =back
AT> -=cut
AT> +=head2 Offline sources
AT> +
AT> +=over 2
AT> +
AT> +=item Ken Lunde
AT> -I could not find this page because the hostname doesn't resolve!
AT> +CJKV Information Processing
AT> +1999 O'Reilly & Associates, ISBN : 1-56592-224-7
AT> - Brief description for most of the mentioned CJK encodings
AT> -L<>
AT> +The modern successor of the C<CJK.inf>.
AT> +The book of choice for everyone interested.
AT> +
AT> +L<>
AT> +
AT> +=back
AT> +
AT> +=cut

I'm sorry I have received Jungshik's reply after I had completed the
patch. The bit on Ken Lunde should have been

 +The modern successor of the C<CJK.inf>.
 +The book of choice for everyone interested.
 +Features a comprehensive coverage on CJKV character sets and encodings
 +along with many other issues faced by anyone trying to better support
 +CJKV languages/scripts in all the areas of information processing.

 - Anton

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