Re: [Encode] UCS/UTF mess and Surrogate Handlings

2002-04-05 08:40:36
On Fri, Apr 05, 2002 at 10:35:29AM -0500, Jungshik Shin wrote:
On Fri, 5 Apr 2002, Jarkko Hietaniemi wrote:

P.S.  Does utf8 support surrogates?  Surrogate pair is definitely the 

No.  Surrogates are solely for UTF-16.  There's no need for surrogates
in UTF-8 -- if we wanted to encode U+D800 using UTF-8, we *could* --
BUT we should not.  Encoding U+D800 as UTF-8 should not be attempted,
the whole surrogate space is a discontinuity in the Unicode code point
space reserved for the evils of UTF-16.

  I can't agree more with you on this. Unfortunately, people
at Oracle and PeopleSoft think differently. Actually, what happened was
that they made a serious design mistake by making their DBs understand
only UTF-8 up to 3byte long although when they added UTF-8 support,
it was plainly clear that ISO 10646/Unicode was not just for BMP.
When planes beyond BMP finally began to be filled with actual characters,
they came up with that stupid idea of using two 3-byte-long UTF-8 units
(for surrogate pairs) to represent those characters.

Yeah.  I saw that sorry mess.  It looked a lot like a bunch of
engineers unable to to admit that they made a mistake, and a bunc of
managers unable to admit that they shipped broken products to
their customers.

  A lot of people on Unicode mailing list voiced a very strong
and technically solid objection against this, but Oracle and PeopleSoft
went on to publish DUTR  #26: Compatibility Encoding Scheme for UTF-16
(CESU-8) ( Does Encode
need to support this monster?  I hope not.

Definitely not.  If Oracle/PeopleSoft want to support their own
made-up encoding with Perl, they are welcome to write Encode::CESU8...

   Jungshik Shin

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