Re: [Encode] 1.31 in a few hours

2002-04-08 11:34:25
Hello, Dan!

Anton>     ($name = lc $name) =~ tr/- //d;
DK> I'll think about it but the priority is low.
250% fine :-)

Anton>     jisx0208-raw vs jis0208-raw?
DK> Welllll,  We don't have to be *that* pedantic, methinks.
T'was to allow find_encoding('JIS X 0208-raw')
                   if +($name = lc $name) =~ tr/- //d;
so, same priority as above: XX LOW

DK> Besides I don't want to screw the MANIFEST file at this stage.
Oh, t'wasnt for 5.8 anyway,
 but be sure I'll float that up later ;-)

- Anton, the enlightened man