[Encode] 1.40 will be released in a few hours!

2002-04-14 15:01:23

I will release ver. 1.40 of Encode after the smoke testings are done. With In-XSimmons' XS version of Unicode transcoders, enhancements and fixes (that led to "child gets croaked before born" bug discovery), and other nits picked, simple version increment is not enough.

* With all modules loaded, it can transcode some 113 encodings and it is easy to add more via enc2xs.
* With encoding pragma, you can emulate Jperl and more
* Though Encode accounts for some 30% of PERL5LIB in size, its memory consumption is not that big. Here is a list of "core file" sizes via &dump immediately after modules loaded on my FreeBSD box.

perl alone      774,144 bytes
No Encode::XX   1,171,456
With All      2,990,080
All+HanExtra  3,534,848

* I decided not to include Indics. It is MY obsession to include all encodings that are available in but come to think of it, HanExtra is already 'external' and for other Encodings there are always others that are 'obsession'. So I decided to wait till my obsession becomes 'ours'. And I already added '-C' option to enc2xs so postinstalled modules can also join the demand-loading list. Better take time to let it mature enough for production quality.

Detailed Changes right after my signature.

Dan the Encode Maintainer

+ Encode/ConfigLocal_PM.e2x
! lib/Encode/
! bin/enc2xs
  "enc2xs -C" now generates/updates Encode::ConfigLocal.
  ConfigLocal_PM.e2x is a skelton thereof.
! lib/Encode/
! CN/
  "use Encode::CN::HZ;" was missing.
! t/Unicode.t
! t/unibench.t
  More rigorous tests added to test XS, especially on memory allocation.
! Encode.xs
! lib/Encode/
  NI-S implemented an XS version -- merged
! t/jperl.t
  Source filter option added.  With this option on, you can write
  perl 5.8-savvy scripts (such as UTF-8 identifiers) in legacy
  encodings.  t/jperl.t enhanced to test this feature.
! t/Unicode.t
  ok() gotcha addressed by Benjamin fixed.  Though I didn't exactly
  apply his suggestion, this degree of nitting is enough to add him
  to AUTHORS list.
  Message-Id: <3CB93223(_dot_)291E5E2E(_at_)earthlink(_dot_)net>
! JP/
+ lib/Encode/JP/
- lib/Encode/JP/
- lib/Encode/JP/
- lib/Encode/JP/
  7bit-jis, iso-2022-jp and iso-2022-jp1 are all aggregated to for better maintainability and performance
  Added caveat for non-ascii identifiers.
  fixes by jhi, the original author of this pragramtic module.
  Message-Id: <20020413231527(_dot_)V1826(_at_)alpha(_dot_)hut(_dot_)fi>

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