[Encode] 1.57 Released

2002-04-22 13:45:53
I am still struggling to get a life when I released Encode-1.57, available as follows.

Diff (380 lines)

This is mainly to address "smoke when -Uuseperlio".

On Monday, April 22, 2002, at 08:29 , Abigail wrote:
------- --------------------------------------------------------------------
O O O O -Duseperlio
F F F F -Duseperlio -Duse64bitint
O O O O -Duseperlio -Duselongdouble
F F F F -Duseperlio -Dusemorebits
F F F F -Uuseperlio
| | | +- PERLIO = perlio -DDEBUGGING
| | +--- PERLIO = stdio  -DDEBUGGING
| +----- PERLIO = perlio
+------- PERLIO = stdio

Though I am sure t/JP.t is PerlIO-independent, ":utf8" lines may stand in a way so I decided to add "unless (PerlIO::Layer->find('perlio'))...' back in BEGIN block. Tested on FreeBSD w/ -Uuseperlio.

Dan the Encode Maintainer

$Revision: 1.57 $ $Date: 2002/04/22 20:27:30 $
! t/JP.t t/KR.t t/perlio.t
  unless (find PerlIO::Layer 'perlio') ... line is back again.
  t/JP.t and t/KR.t were supposed to work but maybe '>:utf8' lines
  need PerlIO.  Sigh....
! Encode.xs Unicode/ lib/Encode/JP/ t/perlio.t
  ->perlio_ok now does eval{ require PerlIO::encoding } there so
  it correctly returns 1 when PerlIO::encoding is yet loaded.
! Encode.xs
  perl-current patch #16072 reflected

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