2002-04-27 19:00:14
On Sat, 27 Apr 2002, Dan Kogai wrote:

I have set up an experimental mod_bleedperl server which URI is shown in
the subject.
To demonstrate the power of Perl 5.8, I have written a small cgi/pl (.pl
runs on Apache::Registry) called, a web version of piconv(1).
(Don't forget :8080; it's not run on root!)

What's so funny is that this service can be used to 'asciify' non-ascii
web pages.  Bart's idea of HTMLCREF is fully exploited here.  To find it
out, try

  Wow, this is great and very timely!! Yesterday, I wrote to  Werner
Lemberg (the maintainer of CJK package for LaTeX and freetype/ttf2tfm
among other things) and Ross Moore (the maintainer of LaTeX2html
converter) that upcoming Perl 5.8 would include this great Encoding
module. With it, I told them that it'd be trivial to represent characters
outside the repertoire of the target encoding (for html output) in
NCRs. Today, Werner expressed his interest in this feature because he
wants to make use of that in groff. Now you put up this page...

  This feature will also help reduce ill-tagged (mislabeled) pages. For
instance, a lot of Korean web pages are mislabeled as EUC-KR while they
contain characters outside EUC-KR. If Encoding is widely used in CGI
programs behind those Web bulletin boards or mod_bleedperl is used along
with Apache(I'm assuming that mod_bleedperl can do an encoding coversion
behind the scene..), all of sudden a number of mistagged pages
will disappear :-)


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