Re: Questions about Unicode Support in 5.6.1

2002-07-05 01:30:04
On Thu, 04 Jul 2002 16:09:33 -0400, "Dinesh Kristenson" 
<dinkrist(_at_)hotmail(_dot_)com> said:

  > I'd appreciate what light you could shed on the following:

  > 1. How does the Unicode support in 5.6.1 differ from that in 5.6? (I
  > believe some 5.6 unicode features did not work - and were removed in
  > 5.6.1)

There's no principal difference how Unicode works in the two versions,
"only" a considerable amount of bugfixing has happened.

  > 2. How far short of full Unicode compliance/support is 5.6.1?

Not applicable. Unicode support was quite "full" but different than
today. Unicode support has changed fundamentally since then.

  > 3. In which areas is Perl 5.6.1's Unicode support deficient?

It's based on a model of operators within the scope of the utf8
pragma, wheras 5.8.0 will have a model attached to each scalar.

  > 4. Presumably the next stable release of Perl is 5.7 (or 5.6.2) ??

5.8.0 will be the next. The 5.7.x series is a developer cycle.

  > 5. Will that release provide _full_ Unicode support - or will there
  > still be some gaps?

Very good Unicode support, but certainly there will be some bugs left

  > 6. When is this release expected?

Every day now. There are already two prereleases available in Jarkko
Hietaniemi's CPAN directory authors/id/J/JH/JHI/. Please start playing
with it as soon as possible. The sooner Unicode-interested people are
trying their code with it, the sooner we can squash the remaining bugs
and the documentation will become better too.


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