Re: UTF-8 case conversion

2003-09-03 06:30:06
  > from_to $orjan,'latin1','utf-8';
  > from_to  $lundstrom,'latin1','utf-8';

Add this and you're there:

binmode STDOUT, ":utf8";

Now, this did help. I'm starting to learn :)

Well, yes, that helps in the way that Perl knows you really intend to
"speak utf8" to STDOUT, and doesn't warn you.  But the from_to():s
leave your data in somewhat messy state: they are byte strings but the
bytes just happen to encode in UTF-8 some Unicode characters.  Instead
of from_to() either use decode():
        $data = decode("latin-1", $data);

or if you have an editor that handles UTF-8, just say "use utf8;" at
the top of your script and write your script, including the string
literals, in UTF-8.



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