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Re: Sendmail Problem

1996-06-04 10:05:00
rbilling(_at_)hadbms04(_dot_)ha(_dot_)osd(_dot_)mil (Rich Billingsley) writes:
I am fairly new with sendmail and procmail and after setting up sendmail 
8.6.12 with procmail pre3.11, now and then I will get the following error 
through postmaster.

Does anyone ahve any clue why and where this is happening?

This looks like a sendmail problem.  Something on the sendmail side
(possibly an alias file?) is munging whatever address generated the
bounce below.  I doubt that procmail is even involved in this.  Should be in class 'w'?

I'd ask in comp.mail.sendmail

Philip Guenther

  ----- Transcript of session follows ----- Lost input channel from []
<<< RCPT TO:<\>
653 <\>... Unbalanced '<'
<<< DATA
503 Need RCPT (recipient)
421 Lost input channel from []

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