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Re: Delivery Confirmation

1996-06-16 16:43:21
twfic(_at_)netcom(_dot_)netcom(_dot_)com (Ty Fairchild) writes:
When I am sent mail via Pegasus with "Confirm Delivery" requested by the
sender, they receive a copy of my ".forward" file under Transcript of
session.  (N.B. If I have "verbose=on" then an almost complete copy of
my .procmailrc file is returned to sender as part of the Transcript of

Question: Is it possible to supress this information on the return
receipt?  Or to suppress the confirmation of delivery?

Yes, upgrade to sendmail 8.7.  Sendmail 8.7.x have dropped support of
the bogus Return-Receipt-To: header in favor of DSN's, Delivery Status
Notifications.  These can then be disabled in 8.7 with a privacy flag
setting in the config file.

As for verbose=on sending almost your entire .procmailrc, that's just
because you haven't set a logfile.

Philip Guenther

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