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separating email msgs combined by procmail?

1996-06-18 08:23:46
I'm working for a client that is using procmail on his ISP's machine
to place *all* incoming email (for any userid(_at_)xyz(_dot_)com) into a single
email file.  The client's SunOS 4.1.3 machine dials into his ISP's
machine on a regular basis, and via POP3 downloads this single email
file.  The sendmail envelope address disappears at his ISP's machine.

Is there anything the client can do with procmail to capture the
envelope "To:" address from sendmail, and inject it into the
email message to ensure a valid "To:" header line always appears?

I wrote a small Perl script to distribute the email from this
single email file, however the many variations of To:, Cc:, 
Appparently To:, and sometimes the lack of any "To:" header line
seems to provide less than acceptable delivery. Is there any kind of 
way to split the multiple email messages contained in this single 
file into the appropriate 'userid' accounts reliably?

Email would be greatly appreciated as I'm not a member of this list.

Rich Adamson

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