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Re: PROCMAIL: Problems by 1 user only

1996-06-19 06:36:39
On Wed, 19 Jun 1996 11:25:18 +0200 (MEST),
alex(_at_)zool(_dot_)unizh(_dot_)ch (Alex Schroeder) wrote:
From uucp(_at_)news1(_dot_)gtn(_dot_)com Wed Jun 19 01:13:33 1996

Somebody uses their UUCP account to play games? That is the
fundamental problem. 
  Seriously, the "uucp" probably is likely a gateway to something we
don't want to know about, on some platform we'd rather forget
(shudder). Typically I suppose these are mail systems on mainframes
and LANs.
  Do the headers contain any clue as to the +real+ sender of the
message? Then you could match on that. 
  (I suppose you could match on X-Gateway, or on the particular
problem domain this message is coming from.)

Hope this helps,

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