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Re: procmail cannot read ~/.procmailrc

1999-02-03 08:31:19
Alberto Brosich <brosich(_at_)univ(_dot_)trieste(_dot_)it> writes:
I installed procmail as the default mail delivery agent
on IBM AIX 4.3.2 with sendmail 8.9.1a.

If this is with any version of procmail before 3.11pre7 you should switch
to that one and try again.

Procmail doesn't read ~/.procmailrc of users.
With log enabled I obtain the following errors:

procmail: Couldn't read "/somedir/otherdir/$HOME/.procmailrc"

/somedir/otherdir is the correct home-dir of the users.
Anyone has an idea of the reason of bad substitution?

Exactly what is in the /etc/procmailrc file?

Philip Guenther

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