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Re: filtering for lists

1999-02-17 10:53:18
On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Olivier MATHIEU wrote:

There are few days now i try to use procmail to filtering the messages
to a listproc system.
I want the messages to be formatted in a special way : the subject must
have certain flags and musn't be empty, the message itself mustn't be
larger than a certain size, and so on...

Check the procmailrc manpage.
These examples might help.
You might want to do something other than drop them to /dev/null.

# drop any message with a body of more than 50000 bytes
* > 50000

# drop any message that doesn't have a subject
# searches the header by default
* !^Subject:

# drop any message that doesn't say Jeff in the Subject
# searches the header by default
* !^Subject: .*Jeff

Hope these help,
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