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Re: concatenting commands in .procmailrc

1999-02-24 03:30:49
* Wed 1999-02-24 Eric Smith <eric(_at_)plum(_dot_)fruitcom(_dot_)com> 
* Message-Id: <19990224020924(_dot_)A28263(_at_)fruitcom(_dot_)com>

|         :0 c

use w flag here

|         |uudeview -i -p /d/marketdata/USKO01/ 
| Is anyone able to tell me how I may now run a second command, actually a
| filter that is not part of the pipe?. It just needs to run after the
| `uudeview' command has successfully completed.  
| I did try the manual.

use recipe with "a hwic" flag after that one. Alternatively just Add new command
separated with ";" in the previous line.

Here are more pages to read:



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