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Re: Procmail

1999-02-27 09:38:57
deedsmis(_at_)ris(_dot_)net writes:
I'm using procmail-3.11-1.i386.rpm and I'm not able to get
`^FROM_DAEMON' or `^FROM_MAILER' to work at all in a recipe!

I'm sorry, but the above problem report is completely useless: you
didn't show us the recipe(s) that you tried and you didn't show us the
headers of an email message that you felt should have been matched when
it didn't or that shouldn't have been matched when it did.  You also
failed to include the relavent entries from the logfile from when you
tried the above with VERBOSE=on.

The usefulness of a problem report is directly proportional to the
amount of information in it.

Philip Guenther

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