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Re: create official looking rejection message

2001-08-06 15:39:52
Nancy wrote,

| On sendmail systems, exitcode 67 or 77 do two things I don't like
| 1] send back the entire rejected message thus wasting bandwidth
| 2] send back my .forward file contents

Not much to be done about #1, but I solved #2 by faking the .forward
contents to something like,

"|/path/to/my/home/canceled -f- dattier"

where ~dattier/canceled is a hard or soft link to a procmail binary, or


where ~dattier/canceled is a procmail rcfile with execute permissions and an
opening hash-bang line on the order of

#!/path/to/procmail -f-

That way, if I force a sendmail bounce and anyone actually reads it, the
contents of .forward look as though the sysadmin set my .forward to a
handling program for canceled addresses.  [The giveaway is that most of them
are royalists who would never be caught dead using the one-L American
spelling of "canceled," but nobody notices that.]

It beats the heck out of Smail, which just loses the message and doesn't
care about a bad exit from a pipe in .forward or in the aliases file.

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