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Re: sunOS console: suspicious rc file !

2001-08-10 19:30:37
On Sat, Aug 11, 2001 at 09:00:39AM +0800, SUZANA BT ZAHRI wrote:
out..but only one more thing: i'm using sunOS 5.7 and i keep getting this
error message in console:

suspicious rc file:/home/users/suzana/.procmailrc

what does that mean? why does the console regards the file as suspicious?
everything else is working prefectly ( i think),procmail is up and

It's not the console that thinks it's suspiciuos, it's Sendmail and/or
procmail. See the list archives about "GROUP_PER_USER", and group permissions.

Andrew Edelstein        -       andrew(_at_)pure-chaos(_dot_)com
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