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Re: Stochastic UCE filter script

2001-08-13 16:26:03
On 13 Aug 2001, John Conover wrote:

The procmail script to filter spam has its own web page now:

I'd just like to point out that you should read that web page VERY
carefully before installing this script.  In particular:

 Discard the message if it is to the user's domain, but not specifically
 to the user:

       * !^TO_user(_at_)userdomain\(_dot_)com
       * ^TO_[-a-z0-9_(_dot_)]+(_at_)userdomain\(_dot_)com

 If the message is not to the user, but to someone else in the user's
 domain, then discard the message in the /dev/null mail box.

This will discard messages sent to internal mailing lists (e.g., sendmail
aliases that expand to several addresses at a given site) without even
considering their spam score.  That seems a pretty dangerous rule to have
active by default.

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