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reporting erro form a mailing lists

2001-08-17 03:07:51
Hi all,
        i'm using procmail, for a reply mailbox where i, actually, delete
all the mails coming from daemon (undelivered mail).
I would like to have some kind of report, every week or so on, with allt eh
address not more available for any reason.
I do not use mailing list software, the software run on another platform,
with java, and it have only the address coming from a db, that is the backend 
for our web site.
So it is not ncessary that the procmail do anything else report a tesxt fiel
wehre i have address, one per line, of not more available users.
This is actually what i use (very simple):

* ^FROM_DAEMON                                                                  
* ^Subject.*Undelivered Mail.*                                                  


Thanks, for any info.
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