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Re: can't get grep txt file-conditional forward to work

2006-02-07 11:11:08
On Tue, February 7, 2006 11:47 am, ahester(_at_)galacticltd(_dot_)com said:

# Test if the email's sender is listed
 * ? formail -x"From" -x"From:" -x"Sender:" \
     -x"Reply-To:" -x"Return-Path:" -x"To:" \
     | egrep -is -f forward
# Forward

I can not seem to get the condition fo forwarding to work.  Right now it
forwards everything regardless of the whether it actually matches
anything in the text file forward or not.  What am I doing wrong.  I
have looked at tons of sites and worked on this for a while but I can't
seem to figure it out.

Have you turned on verbose logging for this recipe to see what procmail
says it is doing?


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