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Re: orientation on how to send statements to users

2006-02-15 10:46:29
At 09:48 2006-02-15 -0800, Jose S. Fuertes wrote:
how can i send information that only concerns one determined user such
as: statements,transaction emails.

Generate an email from whatever program it is you're using to create the 
statement or whatever.  Pipe that to your MTA.

Procmail is a tool for processing inbound mail - it isn't a mail 
generator.  If the material you want to manipulate isn't ALREADY an email, 
procmail is unlikely to be the tool you are looking for.

If you're asking how to filter out mail from a particular source, you'll 
need to be more particular in your inquiry - provide an example of the 
headers of a message you're trying to filter.

Have you read the procmail manpages?

man procmail
man procmailrc
man procmailex
man procmailsc

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