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Re: \/ and whitespace

2006-02-27 16:20:36
Robert Allerstorfer schreef:
Ruud H.G. van Tol wrote:
Robert Allerstorfer schreef:

  * $ ^to:[$WS]+\/.+

That is not a good way to do it. Because \/ is "greedy to the left",
the "[$WS]+" is equivalent to just "[$WS]", so you can end up with a
$MATCH that starts with whitespace. (And if there would be no
whitespace following the colon, $MATCH would not be changed.)

This is what everybody else uses:

   * $ ^To:.*\/[^$WS].*

thank you, right, I will be sure to use that instead for now on. I am
just wondering why

* $ ^To:.*\/[^$WS].+

won't work.

To: x

Grtz, Ruud

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