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Re: Anybody else forced to abandon procmail?

2008-05-13 12:47:06
Ralph SOBEK wrote:
Hi Folks,

      Our people have moved to Cyrus imap for our e-mail! ;-{

      As such, they have abandonned procmail and use sieve instead!

This is an administrative decision - I have used procmail with 
cyrus-imap - you just use deliver to write the message into the
mailbox after procmail is done with it.

      I would also like to hear from people that have imap-ssl and are still
allowed to use procmail.  Do you have also sieve on your system?

      I am allowed to run procmail locally, but will also need a method to
transfer email from imap-ssl to my machine so that procmail can be run on it.
For the moment, I transfer it manually with thunderbird.

fetchmail or getmail may be of interest to you.  Check freshmeat,net.
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