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Re: Body check failing?

2017-11-01 03:37:12

On Tue, 31 Oct 2017, at 17:03, @lbutlr wrote:

I don't know what the camera is doing to the text-only subject to 
make them not fit in with ASCII since UTF-8 is a superset of ASCII.

Increasingly, I see software that encodes the complete Subject header 
in any case.

Or why does trying to search the body for "Driveway" fail if that 
word is after a boundary?
What "boundary"?
The mime boundary as I posted above.

"=?UTF-8?B?IEdhcmFnZSBNb3Rpb24=?=" does not look like a MIME boundary. 
Maybe you want to put a complete example of the raw message on a 
pastebin and share the link with the list? Procmail does not know MIME 
boundaries, it parses the body as it arrived. If "Driveway" is 
anywhere in the raw body it will match. If it does not, but you see it 
in the received message, it probably was encoded.

-- Andreas


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