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Re: save only mail body into a file

2017-11-10 23:40:43
On 10.11.17 08:52, Zhiliang Hu wrote:
For one of my specific purposes I used to pass certain mails to a perl
script in order to save/process ONLY the mail body.

It can simplify the process if I can directly drop a mail body into a file.
I tried ':0 b' to save mailbody, 

That works for me:

        * ^Subject: *furdlesnurk

erik@ratatosk:~$ mail erik
Subject: furdlesnurk
Only the body should be saved to file.

erik@ratatosk:~$ cat /tmp/snurdlefurk 
Only the body should be saved to file.

'formail -I' to remove mail headers,
without success. I also fail to find useful hints by onine searches. Any
advice/hint? :)

More coffee. That sometimes helps. ;-)

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