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Re: email providers supporting procmail? / rather later reply

2022-04-14 07:39:32
Hi, Reference:
From:         Jochen Hayek <jochen+procmail(_at_)hayek(_dot_)name>
Date:         Thu, 14 Apr 2022 14:12:55 +0200

Jochen Hayek wrote:
I know you were asking last September,
and you already got a couple of replies,
but still ???

I would like to recommend my supplier's services,
but that comes with a huge restriction:

this only helps people, that are familiar with German.
but still ??? ??? maybe some people may read this and may like my 

I have been using the services of "Hostsharing eG" (a "co-op" by German 
law) for a couple of years,
and I am very, very satisfied with their services.


Translator sites:

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