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Re: changing source-tree

2005-11-10 08:05:47


  the solution to my problem would be easy 

Did you say what your problem was?

  if I could change the
  source-tree (mainly adding attributes to child-items) but I already
  read that this is more or less impossible due to the fact that it
  might cause infinite-loops. Or am I wrong here?

It's not a question of getting infinite loops. XSLT offers no facilities
for changing the source tree (and adding such facilities are not easy,
as execution order in XSLT is undefined). So there is no possibility of
causing loops infinite or otherwise.

  I have the following problem:

  foo triggers a template which splits a string into one or more pieces.
  example_bar is the element which describes on how to output one of
  them. Though I only know at runtime how many pieces there are.

  My first thought was to make the foo template add as many example_bar
  elements as the foo template produced pieces. Then I'd add an
  attribute to each one of them and supply it with the piece of text. As
  each one of the example_bar elements is processed it could take the
  text from the attribute and put it into the result tree in which ever
  way needed.

  How could this be accomplished?
  Thanks in advance
  Manuel Baehnisch

I think you need to give at least a hint of what your input looks like,
where the string that needs splitting comes from, how it needs to be
split, and what you want the output to look like.

There are plenty of templates in the archives of this list to tokenize a
string, or some systems (eg saxon, or systems implementing exslt) have
tokenize extension functions which make that a bit easier, or you could
use xslt2 draft which has a regular expression support built in.


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