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Re: [xsl] replacing diacritical marks with combining unicode characters

2008-03-04 12:00:55
Hi Terry,

The function fn:normalize-unicode() will do what you want, with a second argument of "NFC".


Terry Ofner wrote:
I have input with many dictionary entries, including copy such as this edited pronunciation key:

<div class="story">
    <p>a˘ pat, a¯ pay, âr care, ä father, e˘ pet, e¯ bee </p>

I need to replace the non-combining characters such as the breve ˘ (&#728;) with the combining form: (&#774;). Is there a way to set up a table so that when the processor encounters the &#728; character it will swap it for the &#774;? Will an ENTITY listing work? Is so, where does one put such an entity listing?


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