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RE: [xsl] MS Word to Excel using XSLT

2008-03-28 03:46:24

I have one doubt. I want MS Word  file to convert MS Excel (like
database) files using XSLT. Is it possible ? If yes, How

It is possible to export XML from Word, and it is possible to import XML
into Excel, and of course it is possible to convert the first XML into the
second using XSLT. So yes, it is possible.

However, these XML formats are quite complex and not particularly
XSLT-friendly, so although it is possible, it is not at all easy. Of course
the details depend on (a) what particular transformation you want to
perform, and (b) how general you want to make it (that is, how large a class
of Word documents you want to recognize).

It's going to be quite a bit easier, I suspect, if you use XSLT 2.0 rather
than 1.0, because of the facilities for grouping and regular expression

Michael Kay

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