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Re: [xsl] Problem with < and > in front and after CDATA section

2008-12-06 11:37:37
HTML I want
<strong>Title text</strong>
<br />
<em>( Date: pubDate )</em>
<br />
description text .. <a href="URL">.. details</a>

Resulting HTML source code:
<p><strong>Title text</strong>
<br />
<em>( Date: pubDate )</em>
<br />
<![CDATA[description text]]>.. <a href="URL" title=".. details">.. 

Resulting text on screen:
Title text
( Date: pubDate )
.. .. details

Looks to me like you're getting exactly what you want, at least if
your output is XHTML (and is read as XHTML by the browser). If your
browser thinks it is reading HTML, it might ignore the CDATA marked

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